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  • C60 Benefits

    Fascination with C60 has surged in recent years, driven largely by its promising implications for health and beauty. Recent studies suggest that among the most significant C60 benefits are its antioxidant and healing properties, which extend to a diverse array of health advantages.


    Leveraging its distinctive structure, C60 serves as a potent antioxidant capable of capturing and neutralising free radicals and mitigating the harmful impact of toxic substances that reach cells or mitochondria. Absorption of the molecule through a C60 supplement - alongside the aid of anti-ageing supplements like our Green Tea Anti-Ageing - enhances the body's natural antioxidant defences, promoting optimal health.


    Oxidative stress accelerates the body's ageing process by damaging cellular components and DNA. Through its potent antioxidant properties, C60 effectively mitigates oxidative stress, thereby slowing down ageing.


    Studiesindicate that C60 can reduce inflammatory markers in the human body and thereby mitigating inflammation throughout the body. Similar C60 effects have been observed in Beagles, suggesting broader potential for beneficial applications of C60 for dogs.

    Improved Skin Health

    When used as a cosmetic ingredient, C60 benefits include the potential to enhance skin clarity and promotion of a youthful appearance. It helps enhance the skin’s hydration, reduce sebum production, and calm inflammation.

    Improved Cognitive Function

    Research indicates that C60 can shield neuronal cells from oxidative damage and mitigate brain inflammation suggesting potential benefits for brain health and cognitive enhancement. Several studies on rat models of amyloidosis and Alzheimer’s disease also found promising headway into broader application, with direct administration of C60 into the brain enhancing learning, memory, and cognitive function.

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