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  • About C60

    C60, also known as fullerene or buckminsterfullerene, is a Nobel-prize winning molecule. It was discovered by Sir Harold Kroto, Richard Smalley and Robert Curl in 1985, after an 11-day experiment vaporising graphite with a laser to produce carbon clusters. In 1996, the trio were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discovery of C60, due to its high stability and asymmetry.

    C60 are carbon nanoparticles with unique physicochemical and biological properties. It consists of 60 carbon atoms, positioned at the vertices of 20 regular hexagons and 12 pentagons, to form a symmetrical hollow sphere of less than one nanometre in diameter. This means C60 is one of the smallest molecules on Earth.

    Carbon is a necessary component for all life on earth. C60 helps the body replace four important antioxidants that decrease with the body’s aging process; CoenzymeQ10, Glutathione, Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase. These antioxidants are crucial for the energy production of cells.

    Organic Reflection occurs on three levels of consciousness – mind, body, and spirit. Our unique C60 blend has various scientifically-proven benefits for each of these levels.

    Our C60 Blend

    We developed our unique C60 blend after trying all the other C60 products on the market and realising that none harnessed the true power of C60.

    We are passionate about sustainability. That’s why we source our quality ingredients from socially responsible and environmentally friendly suppliers.

    We use pristine 99.95% C60, which is the purest form of the molecule available for research purposes. Our blending process and high opacity glass bottle preserves the blend’s ingredients to maximise the scientifically proven health benefits of C60.

    MCT oil

    Our unique C60 blend includes premium grade MCT Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil derived from sustainably farmed, organic, vegan, and gluten-free coconuts. Our MCT oil contains Caproic Acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) and Lauric Acid (C12). We use this MCT oil to maximise the scientifically proven health benefits of each ingredient which improves mental cognition and physical performance.

    C6, also known as hexanoic acid, rapidly converts to ketones when digested in the liver. This provides an energy boost and aids cognitive function.

    C8, also known as octanoic acid, is a multi-purpose compound. It possesses antimicrobial properties while increasing energy production and improving metabolic function.

    C10 has many of the same beneficial properties as C8 but takes longer for the body to process into ketones. This provides sustained energy production and other benefits during use.

    C12 has many of the same beneficial properties as both C8 and C10 but takes longer for the body to break down due to its larger molecular structure. This provides sustained energy production and other benefits during use.

    Blending Process

    Our unique C60 blend is proudly developed and ethically produced in Australia.

    Our quality control processes ensure our unique blend contains pristine 99.95% C60, which is the purest form of the molecule available for research purposes. We source our C60 powder from socially and environmentally reputable suppliers. We process the powder to ensure there are no solvents, fillers, or concentrates. We add the powder to our premium grade MCT oil derived from sustainably farmed, organic, vegan, and gluten-free coconuts. We slowly mix our blend using stainless-steel components for 20 days to ensure maximum saturation of 1g of C60 per 1L of MCT oil. Our blending process follows the standard of scientific research.

    We know that C60 is sensitive to light. That’s why we produce our unique blend out of direct sunlight in a commercial-grade temperature-controlled facility. We also encase our blend in a high opacity glass bottle which protects it from UV light exposure and pathogens.

    Our unique C60 blend is processed, mixed, and bottled in a Zen environment to ensure it maintains its highest vibrational frequency.


    • Improves mood and cognitive function
    • Improves mental performance, including learning and memory – increasing mental clarity
    • Prevents apoptosis in neutrons – likely reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease


    • Boosts the immune system – 172x more antioxidant than vitamin C
    • Reduces probability of contracting a variety of diseases
    • Helps eradicate bacteria and viruses
    • Kills streptococcus bacteria
    • Prevents neuronal and kidney damage resulting from hyperglycaemia
    • Prevents Metabolic Syndrome
    • Supports healthy liver function
    • Reduces inflammation – the leading cause of cancers
    • Protects the body from free radical caused by pollution, radiation, tobacco toxins, etc.
    • Prevents UV damage and protects skin from sunburn
    • Prevents the growth of arthritis
    • Reduces the effects of ageing – increasing longevity of cells
    • Supports healthy sleep and sleep patterns
    • Prevents nerve damage
    • Increases athletic performance and endurance during workouts
    • Reduces skeletal and muscle fatigue
    • Reduces recovery times of injuries
    • Strengthens cartilage and improves overall bone health
    • Slows fat cell growth
    • Helps with male infertility
    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Improves eyesight
    • Reduces visible signs of eczema


    • Reduces stress
    • Improves overall quality of life

    Frequently Asked Questions

    3 ml every morning.

    Consistently press the dropper to extract 1 ml. Apply 1 ml under the tongue, and leave for 60 seconds
    to maximise the effectiveness of the C60 absorption into your body. While some community members take Organic Reflection C60 30 minutes before a meal, we take it on an empty stomach.

    Consumers who take Carbon 60 MCT oil routinely may experience a range of potential health benefits.

    These may include increased energy levels due to the rapid metabolism of MCT oil, reduced inflammation leading to improved joint health and decreased risk of chronic diseases, enhanced cognitive function and neuroprotection possibly attributed to Carbon 60's effects on nerve cells, and boosted antioxidant protection against cellular damage and oxidative stress. These effects can contribute to an overall sense of well-being and vitality when integrated into a healthy lifestyle. However, individual responses may vary, and it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplement into your routine.

    Approximately 30 days.

    Everybody is individual and react differently to supplements. While some community members feel health benefits within days, it can take others weeks. We suggest a minimum dosage period of 30 days to ensure the body adapts to C60 absorption. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with the effects felt after 90 days, we will offer you a full refund – no questions asked!

    Everybody is individual and react differently to supplements. While there are no scientifically known side effects of C60 consumption, users can notice general side effects when detoxing the body of oxidative stress and toxins. We suggest maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle while taking Organic Reflection C60. This includes drinking 3 to 4 litres of low-fluoride water a day while eating a variety of organic plant-based food groups. If you feel any sustained side effects for more than 2 days, we recommend halving the dosage of Organic Reflection C60.

    C60 is non-toxic and safe in vivo (living in the body).

    It is very difficult to consume too much C60. One scientific study tested the toxicity levels of C60 in rats, and ironically observed that C60 prolonged the rat’s lifespan by 90%. However, it is possible to consume too much MCT oil, which we use in our unique C60 blend. If you notice digestive side effects, such as loose stools, we suggest halving your dosage of Organic Reflection C60 until the issues settle, then slowly increasing your dosage. While scientific studies suggest users can take up to 5 mls per day, we recommend taking 2 ml per day to feel the health benefits. However, everybody is individual and react differently to supplements, so safely experiment to find your own balanced dosage.

    2 years.

    C60 must be stored in a dark, cool, dry place out of direct UV light. We do not refrigerate Organic Reflection C60.

    Good question. This is something we continue to ask ourselves and the TGA!

    Being recently discovered in 1985, C60 is a relatively new and understudied chemical compound in scientific research. Without public support and direct pharmaceutical applications, the TGA have not approved C60 products. We recommend you do your own research, as the use of Organic Reflection C60 is your sole responsibility. However, non-TGA approval does not discredit the scientific studies that suggest the wide health benefit of C60.

    Scientific studies using C60 on animals have shown promising results. In a 2012 study with rats, scientists found that C60, especially the pristine C60 that we use in our unique blend, was non-toxic. Scientists also found that C60 protects the body and liver from damage, and significantly prolonged the rats lifespan.

    We recommend an initial dose of 1ml for a week for most pets. Please see below for our recommendation for specific pets.



    Recommended dose

    Bottle life


    Less than 9 kgs

    1 ml

    100 days


    9.1 to 18 kgs

    2 ml

    50 days


    18.1 to 27 kgs

    3 ml

    33 days


    27.1 to 36 kgs

    5 ml

    20 days


    36.1 to 45 kgs

    7 ml

    14 days


    Less than 2 kgs

    1 ml

    100 days


    2.1 to 7 kgs

    2 ml

    50 days


    7.1 to 12 kgs

    3 ml

    33 days

    Scientific Studies

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