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  • Organic Reflection C60 Pet is formulated to neutralise free radicals and diminish cellular oxidative stress. This enables our C60 Pet formula to help eliminate bacteria, fight viruses, reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation, aid joint health, and promote longevity. These revolutionary health benefits  strongly contribute to the overall wellness of your beloved pet!

    Size: Single Pack
    8288269828329 /products/new-pet Pet Carbon60 MCT $68.88 Organic Reflection //
    Size: 100ml
    100mg Per Serve
    GMO Free
    Gluten Free
    No Hexane
    No Chemicals
    No Trans Fats
    No Cholesterol
    Paleo Friendly
    Australian Made
    99.9% pure fullerene carbon 60 (100mg per bottle), 100% MCT derived from coconut oil (C6, C8, C10, C12)
    Weight Chart
    Under 2 kg 0.25ml
    2 - 6 kg 0.5ml
    6 - 12 kg 0.75ml
    12 - 15 kg 1ml
    15 - 25 kg 1.5ml
    25 - 35 kg 2ml
    35 - 55 kg 3ml
    Join the health and personal growth revolution!

    Improve Mental Performance

    Strengthens Immune System

    Reduce Inflamation

    Improve Physicality & Reduce Recovery Time

    Aids Effects of Alzheimers Disease

    Proudly Australian Owned & Made

    Which pets can take C60?

    Organic Reflection C60 Pet is 100% safe for all animals. C60 Pet was formulated for typical household pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. That said, it can be taken by other, bigger pets, such as horses, pigs and sheep.

    However, If your pet suffers from a health condition or takes medication we advise consulting a veterinary
    professional before use.

    Anti-cancer agent

    Did you know that some 10-year-old pets have a 50% chance of getting cancer?

    Unfortunately, cancer is distressingly common among domestic pets. In particular, cancer affects approximately half of all dogs and cats above the age of 10 and is quickly becoming the leading cause of death in our older furry friends.

    One revolutionary scientific study  found  that mammals receiving C60 did not develop tumours. This is why we believe prioritising cancer prevention is crucial for pet owners.

    Usage Direction

    We advise you give your pet Organic Reflection C60 Pet every morning. Our C60 Pet formula can be taken with or
    without food.

    We know that getting your pet to consume food outside of their normal eating habits can be difficult. That’s why each bottle of C60 Pet includes an oral dropper - making it simple to add to pet food. This makes Organic Reflection C60 Pet one of the easiest available pet supplements to administer.

    We have helped thousands of pets enjoy the revolutionary health benefits of C60. Here are our useful tips on how to give your pet their daily dose of Organic Reflection C60 Pet:

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