Organic Reflection  

Organic Reflection is an Australian company which aims to enrich lives through environmentally sustainable health products and practical and holistic information. Organic Reflection wants to make a positive impact and contribute to a better world. Our passion and integrity are at the heart of what we do.

Our Story 

Our story has humble beginnings, starting with two best friends with a keen interest in mind, body and soul.

They brought their passion for wellness together to create Organic Reflection. Over many years they individually used different natural products to promote their heath. Eventually the friends come together and worked collaboratively to form this C60 formula. The C60 was shared amongst family and friends who reported outstanding results. It’s was soon realised that the formula was too good not to share with the world.

Our product 

Organic Reflection ethically source quality ingredients from reputable suppliers and adhere to environmentally practice to create wholesome health and wellness products for a healthy life style. After trialling many formulas’ over several years, we sourced the purest form of C60 which is now available to you. Our product uses a unique process that protect and preserve the ingredients. The C60 comes in a distinctive glass bottle that also protects the final product. Read below to find out more about the research behind C60.